We believe each child to be a special and unique individual, a gift from the Lord.  With this in mind, it is our greatest hope to impart to each child that worthiness and value. 

With Christ as our example, we will strive to nurture each aspect of the whole child by meeting not only his physical needs, but also his emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual needs as well.  We believe that introducing children to Jesus is important to the process of teaching them the true value of their lives and in achieving their fullest potential as they mature.

Children are great imitators; they learn to model their behaviors by that which they observe.  Our staff has been selected with the goal of providing role models that demonstrate high standards of behavior based on strong Christian values.

We believe that the provision of a safe, stable and nurturing environment conveys to the children assurance of having all their needs met and establishes a foundational sense of trust and security.  This will lay the groundwork that allows the child to progress with confidence and enthusiasm.